Heartbeats for solo guitar

This is a solo guitar version of Jose Gonzales’ version of heartbeats. I get this requested a lot at weddings. I just took the normal guitar part and added the singing melody on the first two strings. Note that the tuning is (low to high) D A D F# B E, ie tune the 6th string down a tone and the 3rd string down a semitone – what flamenco players call “Rondeña tuning”. Jose Gonzales also uses a capo at the first fret for this song, so on his recording the whole thing sounds a semitone higher.

If it feels tricky at first, practice without the upper melody, but finger it how you would have to if you were going to add the upper melody – so for example in the left hand, in bar 5 use fingers 2 & 4 for the lower part, leaving finger 1 free for the melody part when it gets added later, and in the right hand make sure that the ring finger is always free so it will be available for the melody later.

Heartbeats_solo_guitar.gpx (requires guitar pro to read)

Harry Potter Theme for guitar

I’ve had a few students ask about playing the first melody of Hegwig’s theme, and I wondered about playing the next couple of sections. I pretty much just used the piano score for this, adding the bass clef notes to the treble clef. Some of the chords are unplayable on the guitar, so I chose what I thought were the most important notes. The arpeggios and run at the end are tricky at full speed, I’ve got some practicing to do. Here’s a video and guitarpro and pdf files of the transcription.

Harry_Potter_Theme.gpx (requires guitar pro to read)